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Notable Results

Fourth Amendment Violation against City of Los Angeles
$5,000,000.00 Jury verdict
$5,000,000.00 Jury Verdict
$5,000,000.00 Jury Verdict
$20,500,000.00 Global settlement

First Amendment Retaliation
$950,000.00 settlement after jury verdict

Gender Discrimination
$975,000.00 Jury Verdict

Failure to Accommodate Disability
$725,000.00-Total recovery following Jury Verdict

Gender discrimination
$167,500.00 Settlement

Sexual Harassment
$130,000.00 Settlement

Sexual Harassment
$375,000.00 Settlement

National Origin Discrimination

Sexual Harassment
$57,500.00 Settlement

USERRA Violation
$650,000.00 Settlement

Gender Discrimination
$200,000.00 Settlement

Insurance Claim

Injuries following rear end accident

Employment theft
$600,000 settlement

Personal Injury
$375,000 for leg injuries from slip and fall

Dog Bite injury
$100,000.00 settlement

Multiple $100,000 policy limits settlements in personal injury cases.

Attack in Psychiatric Ward

Gender Discrimination

Injury to student in LA Unified School

Injury in Construction Site

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When I needed legal help with a very stressful and emotional employment discrimination problem, at first I didn’t know where to turn or who to trust, then others in the legal profession recommended I contact Mr. Avrahamy, citing his excellence, integrity and compassion for his clients.  Mr. Avrahamy handled my case with remarkable skill, concern, great passion, dedication, and a true belief in me, his client.  He understood and recognized how important this case was to me, as it was to him as well.  I can’t express how grateful I am and will always be for what he accomplished.

- Lieutenant from a law enforcement agency following successful outcome of employment case
(Name withheld due to confidentiality clause)

“Joseph Avrahamy is truly the best employment discrimination lawyer in the LA area.  From the first time I met with him he was knowledgeable, realistic, straightforward and honest with me about my case.  Joseph and his staff were empathetic of my plight, and understood that engaging in a lawsuit against my employer was extremely difficult for me after the many years of dedicated service I had provided.  He kept me updated on my case and always answered my calls and questions.  He and his staff were aggressive but professional and the settlement he negotiated for me and my family was excellent; it allowed me to regain some of my dignity.  But most of all he doesn’t abandon you after the case is closed.  He continues to ensure that all aspects of the settlement are adhered.  I highly recommend the Law Offices of Joseph Avrahamy!”

- An Employee from a City agency following successful outcome of employment case
Name withheld due to confidentiality clause

Joseph Avrahamy, and his staff  provided excellent service in a complex legal battle. Throughout the process, Mr. Avrahamy continued to believe in my case and through his dedication and legal expertise we achieved excellent results. Mr. Avrahamy was caring and understanding of my plight and dedicated to achieving the best results in my legal case.

- Rabbi David Adatto-Claim for personal injury damages and defamation

While in the most dire time of my entire life professionally, a friend recommended Joseph Avrahamy. As you would expect, we won our case, but that is not the reason why I am writing this. Choosing a lawyer is much more than winning dollar amounts. Joseph guided my family and I throughout the process, assuaged our fears, patiently answered all of our questions and calls virtually around the clock, and became a trusted advisor for us. To us, the most important thing about Joseph was his honesty and integrity. He always took the high road morally and ethically. Joseph was our unyielding advocate, ruthless in deposition, tough in negotiation and compassionate with us throughout our whole ordeal. In the end, we secured a remarkable settlement that erased all the damage, professionally and financially, and secured a measure of financial security for our family for the rest of our lives. It is not always about winning, which Joseph will do. It is about the moral fiber and sterling character of a man that matters. When I was down Joseph was there. Our family is forever grateful. In choosing Joseph as your representative, be assured that there is no better man out there for the job.

- Jason (Police officer that was involved in a wrongful termination lawsuit)

I wanted to formally thank you, however no words of thanks could really do justice to what I felt in my heart – and I knew I would get all “ferklempt!”

So ~ Beyond a lawyer, you are a winning warrior, beyond a researcher; you’re a truth-seeker. Beyond a professional, you exceed all standards of skill. No labels or titles are sufficient. You are greater than the sum of all your hats. You’re my friend, and I am blessed.

- Sandie

Great job and thank you for sticking with me throughout this difficult case. I don’t think we could have done this without you.

- Brian

Thanks for everything. I cant thank you enough.

- Katie

Thank you for much for your hard work. You have turned an imperfect client into the perfect settlement. So much appreciated.

- L.

You are incredibly skilled at what you. And your passion at trial was incredible. Thank you

- Jessie

I never imagined we would achieve the results that we achieved. Thank you

- Paul

You were never too busy to talk to me and you were always patient with me in very difficult times. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to my case.

- Michael

Thank you for helping me with my case and getting great results so quickly.

- Sam